Director: Nick McCaffrey

I was born in South Africa to Scottish parents. I spent my youth in the sea fascinated by the wildlife surrounding me.

I have lived in the UK since 1997 and moved to Shetland in 2011.

I am incredibly grateful to get the opportunity to rekindle my love of the ocean in the place I now call home since moving to Shetland.

My interests as an avid mountain biker, kayaker and free diver combine well with years photographic and film experience as well as many years flying unmanned aerial systems aka "Drones" (both commercially and recreationally).

Being a keen naturalist with a passion for images and outdoor adventure. I think its fair to say I have a very unique and versatile skillset, well suited to harsh and safety critical environments.

Using drone platforms from boats/kayaks to film a broad number of cetaceans, pinnipeds and mustelids (specifically otters) is a niche skill.

I will push my limits harder than most, but as a volunteer lifeboat crewman on the UK's Northern most station in my home village of Aith, I know only to well the importance of being a team player while recognising & mitigating risk.

As the Director of Southspear Media & surveys Ltd. safety, reliability and quality are my primary concerns when delivering to customers. My work impacts on your reputation and this is never lost on me.

A few examples of productions I've worked on

A Country life for half the price

(Shetland episode)


Island Medics Series 3 series!

Scotlands sacred islands with Ben Fogle

(Shetland episode)


BBC Landward - Saving our salmon