I am a CAA certified commercial drone pilot with permissions to fly at night time.


I started to fly model aircraft many years ago. Like many model aircraft enthusiasts, as cameras got smaller I started experimenting with them on my aircraft. I was an early adopter of what we refer to today as drones and find years of flying aircraft has definitely advantaged me when it comes to aerial film/photography.


Based in Shetland (The Shetland Islands, United Kingdom) I am surrounded by beautiful seas, landscapes and wildlife.

In particular my home is visited by many species of whale, porpoise, seal, sea birds and has many resident otters.


With personal interests in climbing, kayaking and mountainbiking I specialise in getting to places that are typically very challenging to manage.


My focus when flying at all times is safety. My customers can be assured I will listen to what they want and deliver results in a safe, professional and well considered manner.


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