The sleeping Giant – Shortlisted image, British Photography awards 2019

Southspear Media & Surveys Ltd.

Provides  a fully insured, CAA certified and professional aerial imaging service based in Shetland.

Our strengths are in FPV, outdoor sports, landscape and industrial imaging with a particular passion for marine wildlfe. We have a wide range of drones to fit any need ranging from bluchip wildlife produciton to simple roof surveys. 

Ideally located in Shetland, we are surrounded by the wild and rugged landscapes of our islands which affords ample opportunity hone a uniquely broad skillset.

Below are just a few of many happy customers we have had the pleasure of working with.

Services include:

  • licencing material from our huge Archive - Access terabytes of high quality 4k material ranging from landscape to rare wildlife behaviors and experiences of Shetlands wildlife.

  • Commissioned drone pilot services - Hire a skilled, CAA certified & insured pilot to either fly your equipment or provide a number of craft to meet your needs.

  • Surveys & inspection - With a fleet of craft with advance optical zoom capabilities any range of detailed survey applications can be catered for at up to 5k resolution.

  • Consulting, guiding and scouting services - Take advantage of a detailed insight to locations and make use of our detailed knowledge and local networks.

  • Equipment hire - Contact us to discuss your kit needs ranging from gopros to High end Drone equipment and safety gear.

  • Coaching and drone tours -Join us on planned trips tailored to your needs. We focus on building your knowledge base and skillset while embeding safe systems of work, all the while you will be the field gaining hands on experiance. We will help you to, "Get the shot". Take advantage of a detailed knowledge of the islands and their wildlife. We can give you opportunity to trial equipment, or work with you and your own kit under supervision and guidance to help you maximise its potential.